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Medicare Supplement Plans / Part D Drug Plans

Medicare Supplement insurance plans help cover some of the costs not covered by Medicare Parts A and B, such as deductibles and coinsurance, so you have more predictable costs. You can keep the same doctors, you are still in the Medicare program, and you have all of your Medicare rights and protections.

Understanding Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Original Medicare includes Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Part B (Medical Insurance). If you want drug coverage, you can join a separate Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D).

It’s smart to study the basics of Medicare Supplement insurance plans before you decide which plan is best for you. This page provides an overview of how Medicare Supplement insurance works with Medicare Parts A and B, including when you can apply, and who is eligible.

What do I need to know about Medicare Supplement insurance plans?

Here are some basics on Medicare Supplement insurance plans:

You’re still in the Medicare program – When you purchase Medicare Supplement insurance, you don’t replace or cancel your Medicare Parts A and B membership. You have all your Medicare rights and protections.

Plans are standardized – The benefits from plan to plan are the same from every insurance company – so a Plan F from one company has the same medical coverage as a Plan F from any other. The difference is the company, the quality of service, and the price. These feature are what makes Assurity Benefits Groups Medicare Supplement plans stand out from the rest. (**Some plans offered through certain companies are not available in all states. Call us to find out which plans are available in your area).

Basic Benefits of Medicare Supplement Insurance plans

Policies are standardized into plans labeled A through N. All policies cover basic benefits, but each has additional benefits that vary by plan.** Medicare Supplement insurance plans A through G provide benefits at higher premiums with limited out-of-pocket costs. Plans K through N are cost-sharing plans offering similar benefits at lower premiums with greater out-of-pocket costs. Some companies may offer additional innovative benefits.

Is Part D prescription drug coverage included?

Medicare Supplement insurance plans sold after 2006 do not include coverage for prescription drugs. When speaking to your adviser about your Medicare Supplement benefits, we will review the Part D prescription drug plans available in your area.

What are the requirements for Medicare Supplement plan eligibility?

You can apply for a Medicare Supplement plan insurance policy if you are:

A resident of a state where the policy is offered.

Enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B.

Age 65 or over or, in some states, under age 65 with a disability and/or end stage renal disease (plan offerings and eligibility vary by state).

Plus, you may qualify for guaranteed issue into a Medicare Supplement plan, regardless of your medical history, if you meet certain criteria such as applying during your Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period. Rules in some states may vary.