Legacy shield

Child Protection

As a loving and responsible parent you want the best for your child. While it may seem unusual to consider life insurance for children, it's a decision that can have profound benefits for their future. Life insurance not only provides financial protection in the event of a tragedy but also offers unique advantages when purchased at a young age.

Locking in Affordable Premiums:

One significant advantage of purchasing life insurance for your children while they are young is the ability to secure low premiums. Age and health are essential factors in determining insurance rates. By insuring your child early in life, you can take advantage of their youth and good health to secure a policy with affordable premiums that will remain unchanged for the duration of the coverage. This foresight can save your child significant costs when they need to renew or upgrade their policy later in life.

Building Cash Value and Future Financial Options:

At Legacy-Shield, we are able to set up your child with a whole life policy that builds cash value. This cash value can be withdrawn in the future to help pay for education, a down payment on a home, or other important life milestones. It serves as a financial safety net and offers your child flexibility and opportunities as they enter adulthood.

Guaranteed Insurability:

Life is unpredictable, and health issues can arise unexpectedly. By purchasing life insurance for your children while they are young and healthy, you secure their insurability. Even if they develop a medical condition later in life, their existing life insurance policy remains in force, ensuring they have access to coverage regardless of their health status. This aspect of life insurance provides peace of mind and long-term financial security for your child, regardless of any future health concerns.

Teaching Financial Responsibility and Legacy Planning:

Introducing life insurance to your children at a young age is an opportunity to educate them about financial responsibility and the importance of planning for the future. It helps instill valuable lessons about saving, investing, and protecting their loved ones. Additionally, life insurance can serve as a tool for building a legacy, allowing your child to pass on the policy to their own children, ensuring the financial security of future generations.

Take this proactive step to protect your child's future and provide them with the foundation for a lifetime of financial security and opportunities.